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Dog & Cat Pals

Cats & Dogs

At Julie's Plants, you are sure to find a special treat for your cat or dog.

Cat Treats

We stock Green & Wild's treats and toys for cats plus our hand made toys using Catnip that we grow here.

Go Green with Green & Wild's

Truly natural, healthy, nutritious and delicious food & treats for happy Dogs and Cats.
Green & Wild's strive to keep their treats, and chews, simple, honest and healthy. That's why many of them, have their "100% ONE Ingredient Gold Award".
Nothing is added, no E numbers, no preservatives, no fillers, no bulkers, no chemicals, no cheap ingredients to make it look big- no nasties at all, just one honest ingredient.

Cat on a table
Dog Portrait

Dog Treats

For dogs we stock:

W'ZIS treats and chews

Scoop's ice cream for dogs

Green & Wild's treats and buffalo horns


Plant-based. Healthy and awesome
W'ZIS vegan dog treats are more than just part of the plant-based revolution bandwagon.


The nutritional makeup of W’ZIS means they are a suitable treat for dogs with a variety of dietary needs.

Dog treats are grain, gluten and sugar free. Low in fat. Light on protein. One calorie per treat. Low purine.

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