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Plants for Autumn

Autumn is much more than the end of summer!  For many of our customers it’s a favourite season, with its own treasures -  plants which really thrive in the changing weather. And contrary to the occasional careless comments, there are plenty of bedding plants which will keep going into the autumn and some which do best at this time of year. A number of shrubs will do the same, such as some Hebes, which will often keep flowering until the first frost.

Plants that flower in autumn include Sedum, Japanese Anemones, Liriope Muscari and Asters. Others  - Winged Spindle (Euonymus Alatus) for example – boast spectacular foliage as the season comes into its own.

Some of the plants typically in stock for Autumn include

  • Bedding and Pot Plants: Primulas and Primroses; Cyclamen, Violas and Bellis Perennis; Lysimachia and Pansies – all make excellent and reliable displays.

  • Perennials: Asters, Sedum, Agastache, Eryngium, Salvias, Nepeta are all great, adding variety, contrast and colour.

  • Shrubs: Fuchsias, Heucheras and Rudbeckia are examples of great autumn plants for colourful foliage, and not to forget grasses including the evergreen Carex.

  • Climbers: Honeysuckle, Jasmine and Clematis can continue well into Autumn – all are pretty robust climbing plants but will thrive when sheltered from cold winds.

  • Grasses: often at their best in autumn as they take on end-of-year colours  - consider Miscanthus, Panicum, Pennisetum, Carex, Festuca and Stipa varieties.

  • Succulents: outdoors in the autumn need not be a problem for this tough breed of plants, as some originate in climates that include cold as well as dry. Good examples for outdoors include Sedum and Frost Hardy Sempervivums, which come in different varieties.

Whatever you’re looking for, the best way to make up your mind is to look at plants for real. We have a good selection to choose from, whatever the season and by popping in you might find something you haven’t seen or thought of before.

Call in if you live locally or can reach us with a short detour – we also have customers travelling many miles, so we know it’s never too far!

A close-up photo of a mauve / purple flowering hardy geranium

Our stock does change regularly through the seasons and we usually have a good supply of our customers' favourites.

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