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At Julie’s Plants I started with a love of flowering plants  - and happy memories of my time as a trained florist - and a passion for finding the best suppliers and healthiest examples of each type.


From a small stall we grew into a regular stop for many of our neighbours and then more and more locals from the Bexhill area. Now my customer base has grown to include both East and West Sussex and parts of Kent.

We’ve been selling plants here since we opened our farm shop in 2006. Then we were also selling our own meat and other local produce including plants, which I’ve always loved.


In 2009 a fire closed the shop and by the same time my horse transport business had become an important service running parallel to the farm. It continued to grow for the next ten years – only to come to a halt with the Covid-19 pandemic. 

At first I was somewhat stunned, but I had kept in touch with all our growers – whose plants were still growing, pandemic or not. Thus Julie’s Plants took on another lease of life, first with a Covid-safe honesty stall and, as word spread, with the Covid-safe shop you now see.

Our Vision

From the start, I’ve always insisted on sourcing our plants from the best growers and nurseries in the area and this means we know our stock can be relied on. And because the operation is simple, I can keep our overheads to a reasonable minimum and keep our prices at a sensible level.
As well as our own preferences for particular plants (who doesn’t have a few favourites?) I listen to what our customers are interested in and adapt our stock accordingly. 
A high number of regular customers means we must be doing something right.

Each year we add something new – have you tried our Coffee-to-Go? – and our themed shops, such as Halloween, Christmas, Mother’s day and Easter grow a little each time.

We love all things to do with plants and we’d love to share our enjoyment with you – come and visit soon!

Julie Naylor, Julie’s Plants

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