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Plants for Winter

There’s nothing quite like a crisp winter day, or the approach of dusk with houses lighting up, to make us appreciate the pleasures of plants and gardens through the year.


Although winter can feel like a fallow season, there’s still lots to celebrate and enjoy.


There are many plants which can bring colour and variety to the shorter days. One of our favourites is the evergreen perennial Heuchera, often called by its popular name of Coral Bells. It’s low growing, pretty tough and comes in many different colours. While it flowers in the summer (the bees like it too) it’s the cheerful foliage in winter which is its trump card.

Some bedding plants too will continue giving a display into winter, and a few, like cyclamen, flower in autumn winter and spring when the weather is cooler. And as winters become warmer overall, there will be many bedding plants that may keep flowering longer despite the shorter days.


  • Bedding and Pot Plants: Cyclamen, Violas and Primroses;  Bellis Perennis,  Primulas, Pansies and Lysimachia – all are a pleasure to see cheering up a grey day or shining bright in winter sunshine.

  • Perennials: great value winter colour perennials include Coral Bell (Heuchera), Winter Flowering Clematis and Primroses.

  • Shrubs: the white or pink flowers of Evergreen Viburnum add a dramatic splash of colour  in the dark months of winter; and think about the rich red-bronze colour Corokia (Frosted Chocolate) as cold weather sets in.

  • Climbers: climbing plants are not just for summer! Variegated Ivy gives a very seasonal touch as winter deepens.

  • Bulbs: Grape Hyacinth and snowdrops are two of our favourites – at home and in the shop!

Some of the plants typically in stock for winter include

Whatever you’re looking for, the best way to make up your mind is to look at plants for real. We have a good selection to choose from, whatever the season and by popping in you might find something you haven’t seen or thought of before.

Call in if you live locally or can reach us with a short detour – we also have customers travelling many miles, so we know it’s never too far!

A Photo of Ornamental Kale with a bright pink center in the winter

Our stock does change regularly through the seasons and we usually have a good supply of our customers' favourites.

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