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"Coast Road," combines the essence of mint with a delightful mix of citrus and sweetness.


Peppermint and spearmint crispness mingle with invigorating eucalyptus, creating a fresh-air sensation. Lemon adds a lively citrusy zest, while ripe melon contributes a lush note. The sweetness of dark chocolate and vanilla is balanced by the grounding elements of Vetiver and sandalwood, resulting in a sophisticated and refreshing blend.


"Coast Road" is a breath of fresh air with mint, citrus, richness, and sweetness all in one delightful fragrance.

Coast Road - Scented Candle

  • Our candles are hand made and hand-poured in small batches using a blend of premium rapeseed and coconut oil wax together with luxurious fragrances.  Chosen for their clean-burning properties, ensuring a longer, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free indulgence.

    Our candles are housed in elegant frosted glass vessels, designed to complement any décor, they are 90mm high and 78mm in diameter (excluding the wooden lid).  Each candle is a minimum of 215g and will give around 40 hours total burning time.  Please refer to the Candle Care Card included with your candle for best burning practices.

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